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WoF - This Series is AWESOME!

If you've never heard of Tui T. Sutherland's Wings of Fire, where have you been? I'm just

kidding. It's a great series, though. If you came to this site for hateful, gross material, you're in the wrong place, because I have nothing but praise for this author. She weaves an intricate storyline, with what - thirteen books now? Usually, and I don't know about anyone else, but I know that if I saw a bookcase holding a series of that many books of that size (they are generally around three hundred pages or more), I would walk away, because I tend to lose interest on book successions of that length. This series had a different story, though *puns*. Truth be told, the first one I read was the sixth book Moon Rising, but I was hooked on it, drawn in by the beautiful language and skillful plot construction. There were details that I only skimmed over that came back in the end and blew my mind! I did end up reading it over and over, partly because I didn't understand it (I was in third grade) and partly because the story was so mystifying and awesome and terrifying at the same time. Is it even possible to love, hate, and relate to a character at the same time? Because I'm sure that was what happened to me. This series, even if it was considered the best succession in the entire history of literature and publication, would still be underrated. What I'm saying is... it must be hard to create this world where characters can strike a chord with everyone they meet, but Sutherland aced it. Believe me, I've tried to make stories with an actual plot and composition, and I haven't come close to how this author does it. And what makes the series even better? All of the main characters are dragons. Mind-boggling, that Sutherland can make gigantic winged reptiles seem relatable. All I'm saying is, if you want to have your brains grappling over whether so-and-so character is right or wrong, or if you want to be mystified by language and a world where dragons dominate and actually have problems of their own, go and at least try the first book. Oh, and I know it's doubtful, very extremely doubtful that Sutherland is reading this blog, but if she is, then 1) how did my blog get so famous, and 2) thank you for these books. Really. :)

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