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Sorry, It's Been a While

Like I said, I'm really sorry I haven't posted in a while. I've been busy with a great deal of procrastinating in the forms of reading, writing (which mostly consists of staring at my computer so hard my eyes bulge out as a result of the infuriating practice), listening to music, and my one class I'm taking online. I am truly a DillyDallyVirtuoso.

(Just an FYI, I'm going to get really deep in the next few paragraphs, and that's kind of strange for a blogger. But please stick around, because there is a message.)

Anyway, the pictures. So, in a past post, I wrote about taking my dog on walks. Well, recently, I've been really savoring and cherishing the beauty of my neighborhood and state. Something interesting to me: I've never really appreciated the clouds until I started capturing them in film, and now absolutely adore them, so much it's a little creepy. I revere the dark silhouettes, I love the way they stretch for so many miles (I love that I'm unable to perceive the distance), I love how they haunt me like ghosts and hover over my head. But... instead of watching me like a surveillance camera hanging over my neighbor's doorframe, it's like they watch over me. Like divine angels. If you, the reader, aren't really into religion, or if you disagree with me in any way, shape, or form when I say the heavenly skies are like an explanation for everything that can't be explained, then I do not mean to offend you in any way. Honestly. Like, sometimes I wonder about whoever decided what was right and wrong, or valiant or sadistic, and if baffles me. It has straight-up baffled me. But when I look at the clouds, and I am not afraid of sounding cheesy right here, I just know something's up there, watching over me. Over us. You and me, and our brothers and sisters. And with all of the chaos and unrest our world has to suffer through, the clouds are like a port in the storm, like a buffer to me. I don't know if anybody feels the same, but I hope they do. So look at those pictures.

Look at them the way I do when I write something excruciatingly difficult to put into words.

Scrutinize the treetops.

Survey the skies.

Know that somehow, there are forces we can't comprehend and will never be able to during our lives on Earth, but those forces are working behind the scenes, nestling love in the hearts of our neighbors, and, eventually putting an end to the chaos. There will be a new normal.

I know that particular assertion is hard to fathom, it's getting harder and harder to remember life as we had known it, but as long as there is compassion and beauty in the hearts of people (it exists, yes, and is here to stay, however much it can feel absent), a new normal will come about.

If you need reassurance, just look up, to the heavens.


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