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Joseph's Dandelion//My School Writing Contest Submission :)

So. Hello again, old friend. Just occurred to me that I wanted to share a past submission from my school's writing contest. Also, it just occurred to me that nobody might want to read this. If you don't, I'm just going to warn you that you're missing out. So, about the piece, which is linked down below, in pdf form. I'd been tossing around an idea about feminism and flashbacks (and perhaps deep insights) for a few days, so I decided to test it in my school's annual writing contest. Turns out, the idea wasn't half bad, because it won first place, so that was certainly a wonderful victory for me. My case and point? If you have any ideas you are even half sure will work (and are not straight-up idiotic and ignorant of human safety and/or morale and well-being) then test them!

My submission is linked right here. file:///C:/Users/Ellen%20Martie%20Cohn/Downloads/Copy%20of%20Ellen%20Cohn%20-%20In-house%20Writing%20Contest.pdf

P.S.: 'And then I began clacking away.' Not as easy as that, Shirley. But who am I to judge, as I am that one person who stares at the computer so hard, wanting to write but not knowing exactly what about, until my eyes pop out of my skull. Even if I had no eyes, I wouldn't be any better at writing than I already am. I know I'm going to read this over in a few minutes and groan at my blunt weirdness. To that future self, I say, stop judging me. It's harder than it looks, and I thoroughly enjoy it. *smiley face*

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