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How to Shade a Sphere For Beginners (part 1)

I know it has been a bit of a while if whomever this may concern happens to be a returning viewer, and for that, I would totally thank you in person if it weren't for COVID-19 and, you know, boundaries. But I'm back, with something so wonderful it needs to be contained with no less than two posts in the same day (or because my computer cut the videos short for some reason). I am aware that there are about a million shading tutorials for aspiring artists out there, but I just wanted to help out some of you beginners, and also a shoutout to the friend that suggested this about two months ago (sorry about that). I also will apologize ahead for the blurry quality of the video, but I've deemed it alright, if I do say so myself.

I hope these videos benefit you!

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