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Eye've Got a Lesson For Ya :)

Hey, guys. Sorry it's been so long.

So. Here is a simpler version of a process long dreaded by artists seasoned and inexperienced: the drawing of eyes. They seem so complicated and intricate and everything, and it also seems as though any mistake could throw off the entire drawing, as the eyes are usually the focal point of a portrait. I don't know about everybody else, but the first thing I'll notice about a marvelous painting the lifelike captivation of the eyes.

So here is a relatively simple tutorial on how to draw a realistic eye, in just sixteen easy steps!

A few notes:

  1. I sketched the eyebrow with a crosshatch, basically crossing these short lines over the other to fill in the space I drew.

  2. With the shading and coloring of the iris, all I did was a few soft strokes (just this for the eyelid and the whites of the eye), and a circle of soft strokes for the iris, but a little darker when I first put the pencil down. If you are unsure of what I mean, either comment and I'll get back to you as soon as possible (probably a hassle for you, but that's why I'm here :D), practice in a different sheet of paper, color it with your own colors, or maybe shade in a sort of gradient, dark at the borders and lighter towards the pupil.

This is the represented finished product:

Here is the tutorial (it is just photos, the steps are conveyed in the order or left to right, top to bottom, so you can read them like an English book):

Eye Tutorial
Download PDF • 4.26MB

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