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Draw Ears That Actually Look Like Ears (Profile Edition)

I hate drawing ears. I hate it so much I'm making a post about it, simplifying the process into a few easy steps. And then -- BOOM, your paper friend will have the hearing of a bloodhound.

Just a few little things:

  1. Ears are just about lined up with the corners of the eyes, when looking at the side of a person's face. Here is an actual face (profile--from the side) for reference and proportions.

2. This is something I figured out just now--the distance from the bottom to the earlobe to the tip of the ear is the same distance as from the bottom of a nose to where the T-zone touches the temples.

3. Ears aren't as complicated as they look. All they really are are little funnels into your head to catch sound (don't quote me on that, I'm no scientist), but they are a little difficult to draw. That's why I made the tutorial, so drawing these excruciating intricacies could be no big deal.

So. Here's the tutorial, in five easy steps. I hope this helps. :)

Step 1: First, draw two circles and connect the with a sort of round joint. The bottom circle must stick out a little more to the left than the top.

Step 2: Outline the right exterior in a darker shade than the original sketched part, and then erase the parts you didn't use, like so.

Step 3: Towards the top of the former top circle, draw the lopsided shapes of a kind of butterfly wing, gentled around the edges, and leave the bottom wing open. The, towards the upper left corner of the bottom section, draw a soft shape that looks a little like the silhouette of a cartoon horse head without the ears or mane.

Step 4: Take the end of the throat line of the "horse" and bring it up in a sort of round tendril to brush the top butterfly wing. Like this.

Step 5: Reference the top picture (the face) for a map of suggested shading, a real life example. I understand this next image seems complex, and though it may be, looking at the reference may help to understand the way I came to this.

If you have any question, comments, or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me by putting them in the comments section or to contact me through the 'contact me' page. I'll be happy to help a fellow human being :). And if you follow this tutorial and end up with a result you're proud of, I'd love to see a picture of it down there, too!

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