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If there's a few things that everybody should know about this blog, they are: 1) I post very sporadically (just look at my username), 2) I tend to get really deep, you'll see what I mean, and 3) I NEVER mean to offend anyone. Not that I have, I just really, really want to avoid that kind of thing.

Anyway, as I flounder about, attempting to put words to screen, I suddenly remember why my username is synonymous to professionalprocrastinator. I love to write, just as long as I have an idea and fly with it. My hands dash across the keys, the adrenaline rush is utterly impeccable. Anybody who can relate to that, I pity you and adore you at the same time. I don't know if others go through the same stuff, but I have a lot of trouble opening up to people about all of my characters and my secret world. It isn't because they'll surely figure out I'm a little bit crazy, but just enough for it to be considered whimsical. It isn't really because I'm afraid of criticism, but more so because it's kind of my own special thing. This blog can be a way to sort of channel my nerves into something good, which is really important nowadays. Stuff to smile about is highly sought after in these trying times. The way I see it, and I know it must be more complicated than I'm assuming if others haven't tried this already, but all of this democrats-dishing-on-republicans and vice versa is kind of bonkers. The insights in the fantastic, multifaceted minds (but terrifying in the wrong situations) of today's politicians are already keen and sharp and intelligent, but when I imagine what could come of us if people just worked together... again, I know our American political system requires a certain level of competition, but the stress of these days is already rigorous enough without all of the added gobbledygook. What people want in a leader is someone that can rally their citizens and decisively vanquish midnight. We want someone who has in mind the best interest of us. All of US. Sound familiar? United States, US. Kind of powerful, when you think about it. I know I'm young, and I know I'm no professional nor have any experience with politics, but I think I bring a fresh perspective, or at least a peaceable one. I think it would be really stupid of me not to use this blog for good, so... yeah. I hope you consider this, no matter who you are, or what your role is.


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