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about me.

Art is one of the main things that defines me. I don't think about it an awful lot, but it's true. 100%.

On an unoccupied Sunday afternoon, I go straight to the sketchbook, with my pencils and a premature, unachievable vision.

A few minutes between virtual classes, I go straight to a word processor, to continue schlepping half-tolerable words all over some poor document.

I have one won a couple of awards for my art. In fifth grade, I had a cubism piece recognized, in seventh, I had a short story, 'Joseph's Dandelion', win first place in a writing contest.

Anyway, people tell me I've got an aptness for this kind of thing. This site was established so that I can make custom pieces for those interested, and I look forward to pushing my limits and widening your smiles.


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